Category: Blogging

Articles & Tutorials on the subject of blogging. These articles are designed to help you get started with blogging and also improve your style.  We’ll be discussing everything starting with deciding on your niche or passion.  You’ll be encouraged to look at other websites who are at the top of their game and take inspiration from them.

We’ll then show you how to come up with a catchy name. the reasons that you should write online.  Then we’ll move on to how to start and ideas / inspiration on what to write about.

How should you should host your website?, either using a platform or by self-hosted Wordpress.  The advantages and disadvantages of website builders will be discussed.

We’ll look at Self-Hosted Wordpress (our recommended solution) and consider the advantages and disadvantages of this option.  There are many considerations from here.

How do you maximise  your SEO by choosing the best hosting.  What impact does your Wordpress theme have on the speed of your site and your SEO?  What other considerations should you make regarding which Wordpress plugins to use?