How to Write a Blog Post in One Hour

Updated on November 16th, 2021

How to write a blog post in one hour? Is it an unattainable dream?  Most serious bloggers have pondered this question. We all have busy lives and ambitious content schedules that we want to keep up.  So how do we do it?

To write a blog post in one hour make sure that you’ve done all  your research in advance. Turn off all distractions and grab a note taking app. We prefer to use Google Docs with voice recognition on a mobile phone. Go quickly in writing your article, speak clearly and don’t stop for typos. Edit your post on your computer then run spelling and grammar checks. Copy the document into WordPress, add images and links, check for on-page SEO then hit publish.

As most of us know the path to success comes from creating valuable content regularly. There is value in speed.  This speed attribute of the writing process is often overlooked in the pursuit of quality and creativeness.

So here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how to write a blog post in an hour. We assume that you’ve already done the necessary reading and research (if needed) for your article in preparation for this task.

Prepare your Environment with no Distractions

This is so critical as the technology of modern life can be incredibly distracting. So if you’re working in an office, turn off your phone and put it in another room.

If you’re going to be writing while you’re walking, turn off all notifications on your phone and stop incoming phone calls.

Notifications on mobile phone with cross through it - how to write a blog post in one hour

If you’re struggling to find peace, many people (myself included), prefer to write early in the morning due to the beautiful quiet.

Grab your App of Choice & Get Started

Keeping focused is the key element here. For this reason, many serious writers choose older computers devoid of all the “bells and whistles” of new technology. Some people use notepads.

Our choice for distraction-free writing is the Google Docs IPhone app. So I usually just grab my phone and earphones and go for a walk in a quiet area.

I don’t know why but the combination of fresh air and movement helps to facilitate ideas and words just materialise. This is a rough drafting exercise so you’re not editing as you go. Use the voice-to-text functionality of Google docs to write while you walk.

Google Docs Voice Dictation example - how to write a blog post in one hour

Before you know it, the bones of a blog post are there on the page and you’ve accomplished the rough drafting goal for that session.  

Using the best technology is one of the best ways how to write a blog post in one hour.

Plan your Structure as you Go – how to write a blog post in one hour

As you write, perhaps add some bones to the post as you go.  This will help to cement in your mind the sections in your article. So add some annotations like H2 or H3 to denote your subheadings.  This will make it easier when you come back to edit.


Types of WordPress Heading

We also leave spaces for images with a notation in a text. If you don’t know which images you are going to use, you can just make a note to look them up later.

If you feel so inclined you can also add links as you go. This can easily be done in Google Docs just by highlighting the text and searching for the link. The beauty of this is that these links come across when you copy/past the anchor text into WordPress.

Edit your Post, Correct Spelling and Grammar

The next step is to jump onto your laptop or desktop computer. Open Google docs and tidy up all your prose.

Not even the top authors get it right on the first pass so feel free to chop text and move things around. Give your document a nice flow and if possible follow the principles of copywriting.

In other words, use techniques to keep your reader on the page.

Copy/Paste into WordPress – how to write a blog post in one hour

The next step is to copy and paste your Google doc into WordPress. Then you’ll need to manually update your headings and image selections in WordPress.

Go through your WordPress document and check all the links are working correctly. We usually like to make internal links as opening in the same window. Links to external websites are made to open in a new tab unless they are affiliate links. 


Links to external websites should open in new window

As affiliate links can earn you money they should always be opened in the same window.

Review and Publish your Post

The final step is to go through and proofread your post for anything that looks out of order. So we are looking for missing images or headlines and any typos that have been missed in previous passes.

Next look at the on-page SEO of your article using an SEO plugin. We use Yoast and Rankmath on different websites for search engine optimisation. They’re both excellent plugins.

Example of Yoast traffic lights

Tidy up any SEO issues and when you’re happy with the post, hit publish!  It’s always such  a good feeling to get your article published and we like to get to that point as soon as possible.

Summary – How to write a blog post in an Hour

Writing a blog post in an hour might seem ambitious but it’s totally achievable if you put the right productivity measures in place. There’s no doubt that it can be hard work but it’s well worth it if you have limited time.

Being a prolific writer is such an important part of success with a blogging business.  Just imagine the difference that it would make to the success of your website if you publish one post per day for a whole year! 

Frequently Asked Questions – How to Write a Blog Post in one Hour

Is there a Standard Format for a Blog Post?

Yes, a standard format would lay out the question to be answered in the introduction (ie the first paragraph).  Then you would give a brief paragraph with a summary of your best solution.  By formatting it this way, you can try to gain the Google featured snippet.

Then go through and create a section for each basic fundamental that supports your solution. Include at least one image in each section. Each section should have its own heading.

Wrap Up your article with a summary that brings together all of the elements that you talked about in your post.

How often should you Publish a Blog Post?

Ideally at least once per week or more often if possible. Many SEOs believe that Google crawlers become attuned to your publishing schedule so if you publish on a regular basis your posts are more likely to be indexed quickly.

How many Words should my Blog Posts Contain?

The number of words in a blog post should be just enough to convey your ideas concisely without bloating the article. Most successful blog posts are between 1,000 and 2,500 words.  However this isn’t a requirement by any means for an article to rank in search engines.

Should I Write a Blog Article on a Topic already covered by another Website?

Yes, if you feel that you’ve got a different refreshing perspective on a topic, you definitely should write that article.

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