Is Kinsta worth it? – Kinsta Review 2021

Updated on July 30th, 2022

Kinsta Review 2020 - Is Kinsta Worth it?

Is Kinsta worth it?  We’ve been hearing a lot of buzz lately around Kinsta being the best WordPress hosting provider.  And with more competitors moving into the Google cloud hosting space, the question needs to be asked:  Is it worth the cost?  Well, in this Kinsta review, we’ll share our thoughts on why it’s the best choice for cloud hosting.  In a nutshell:

Yes, Kinsta is worth it if your site is established and getting a decent amount of traffic. It’s Google cloud based architecture is especially well suited to growing websites that may encounter viral page visitor spikes.  For the reasons listed below, it’s perfect for the business looking to scale up.  

So if you’re really serious about blowing up your page views with unlimited capacity for expansion, check out the reasons below.  Is Kinsta worth it? – I’d give a resounding “Yes!”.

Google Cloud Hosting Speed & Reliability

Speed is everything with SEO and Google cloud based hosting is the best at providing that speed. While other providers also offer Google cloud hosting, Kinsta specialises in Google premium tier cloud-based WordPress hosting. That’s all that they do.  This has allowed them to become very good at providing a seamless and reliable service.

Cloud Computing - Kinsta

An added advantage of having this massive speed is that your WordPress admin dashboards will run much more quickly.  While this may seem to be a minor point, it can be a massive time saver if you have a site that is being constantly updated. This could definitely save you real money in support staff wages.

We were also impressed to see that Kinsta is now trusted by big name players such as Intuit, Ubisoft and General Electric.  Also, Google themselves are now recommending Kinsta as a fully managed WordPress hosting solution. That’s pretty impressive.

Kinsta Clients

Is Kinsta worth it? – Yes,  because it’s Infinitely Scalable with no Performance Loss

Most WordPress hosting providers use shared servers.  Whilst this can be good in the beginning, what happens when your site blows up in terms of huge numbers of views?

Say you’re working on that site-defining post that you just know is going to go viral.  Well if you’ve got shared server hosting, your site is going to slow down just as things are hotting up.

Shared hosting providers can be affected by huge traffic spikes and if it hits your site, this can be bad news for your user’s experience.  Potential visitors will click on your site in Google and nothing will happen quickly.  Nada.  So they will be growing impatient and they will back out from your site and try the next one in search results.

This sends the worst kind of message to Google.  They’ll think your site doesn’t deserve to be ranked as highly because folks are backing out. Then down goes your ranking.

If you’re with Kinsta and your site traffic goes nuts, your site speed stays the same.  This may mean that you will be charged more, but hey, you’ve got so much more business, the extra cost should be generating more sales.  It’s infinitely scalable.

Kinsta Demo Account

Is Kinsta Worth it? – Yes, through Industry Leading Technologies

Kinsta utilises the following state of the art technologies for all plans:

  • Speed Obsessed Architecture utilising NGINX, PHP 7.4, LXD Containers, Maria DB, resource isolation, automatic scalability and high availability

Kinsta Dashboard

  • High Security, with SSL support, uptime monitoring and security monitoring and blocking of malicious attacks.
  • Segmentation:  Every WordPress site on Kinsta runs in its own isolated LXC software container.  Accordingly, each site has its own MySQL process. All of the software resources needed to run your site are private to your container.  They aren’t shared with other users or even with your other sites. Kinsta have developed a system whereby your MySQL settings are automatically reviewed and optimised each week. This leads to improved MariaDB performance. If the system finds anything that it can’t fix, it’s immediately referred to the Sys Admin team for follow up.
  • All support engineers are WordPress developers.  They live and breathe WordPress. This means that in different ways, they all develop and maintain WordPress themes, plugins and are involved with the WordPress core.
  • 24 worldwide data centre locations are available.  You can choose which one to base your site on. This is much more than any provider that I’ve seen.  By choosing the data centre which is closest to the majority of your traffic, you’ll ensure blazingly fast responses to those visitors.  Your site is still served at super-high speed through Kinsta’s CDN.

Free Inclusions

These valuable servers are included with every plan:

  • CDN,
  • LetsEncrypt SSL functionality.
  • Staging environments so that you can test changes on a testbed.
  • Daily backups
  • Full page caching at server level
  • Free hack fixes.  This means that if your site is hacked, Kinsta will give you top priority to have it fixed.
  • Free Migration: If you switch over from another provider, all Kinsta plans provide a free premium managed migration service from your old provider.

Affordable Pricing

Plans begin at USD$30 per month for the Starter plan with one WordPress install including 25,000 monthly visits, 10GB of storage and 50GB of monthly CDN usage.

Kinsta Hosting Pricing

While this is higher than the starting plans of some providers, it’s important to compare apples with apples.  Other providers are likely to be using outdated shared server technologies. The marginally higher price of Kinsta will be more than offset by:

  1. Not losing any business when your traffic spikes.. You’ll be ready!
  2. Massive SEO benefits right from the beginning as you won’t be getting any of those early page abandonment issues that plague most hosting providers.
  3. You won’t have to worry about migrating to Kinsta later and the resulting SEO and downtime implications.

Is Kinsta Worth It? – Conclusion

My view is that the slightly higher cost of Kinsta is more than offset by the massive benefits of 1-3 above.  The massive SEO benefits through optimal page loading speed are worth so much to your business.

The scalability of Kinsta is also such a major advantage.  If your site gets a lot of sudden traffic, it won’t be throttled back like some other hosting providers.  You’ll get a full speed service provided to your visitors no matter how many hits you are getting per day.  This is such a valuable characteristic. It can’t be emphasised enough.

Is Kinsta worth it?  Yes,  it’s my number one pick if you really want to take your website to the next level.  If you’re interested in finding out more about Kinsta, you can check out their various plans and other information at their website which is linked here.

If you’re interested in starting a website or blog, we’ve created a helpful guide on how to do this.  You can find the guide at this link.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many monthly views are included in Kinsta’s Starter and Pro plans?

As of 10th September 2020, Kinsta’s Starter plan has been increased by 25% to support 25,000 visitors per month (previously 20,000 visitors per month).

Also, as at the same date, Kinsta’s Pro plan has been increased by 25% to support 50,,000 visitors per month (previously 40,000 visitors per month).

Does Kinsta have a free trial?

Unfortunately, Kinsta doesn’t have a free trial period but they do have a 30 day money back guarantee.

Does Kinsta have Lock-in Contracts

Kinsta doesn’t have lock-in contracts.  You can end your hosting plan at any time and get a refund for the unused portion that was previously paid.

Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting


Google Cloud Hosting



  • Speed Obsessive Architecture
  • High Security Network
  • Next Generation Infrastructure
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Free Site Migrations


  • Costs More than Shared Hosting

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