Neil Patel Website Summary – 5 Key Resources

Updated on August 15th, 2022

Neil Patel Website Summary - 5 Key Resources

Neil Patel is one of the industry leaders in the fields of blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing and social media. 

So how can you learn and apply the lessons of his website in the most efficient way?  What should you be focussing on to get the best results from this site for the minimum effort?

His website is one of the most successful on the web boasting a domain rank of 86 with over 68,000 linking domains and 3.3 million inbound links. 

In this article, we’ll zoom in on the key elements of the site to enable you to get the best knowledge in the quickest time.  This will literally turbocharge the success of your business.

Free Keyword SEO Tools

Ubersuggest is one of the very few sources of free keyword information on the web, except for the tried and true Google alphabet soup method.  

If you’re just getting started with your website and saving money is a priority, Ubersuggest can help you to find search engine keywords that you can use in your articles.

Neil Patel - Ubersuggest

By using search keyphrases, you’ll maximise your chance of getting free organic traffic from the search engines such as Google and Bing.

For example, if I type the keyword kayak into Ubersuggest and click on search, I get the following list of search keywords.  These are keywords that people are typing 24/7 into the search engines.  Words that you can build your articles around to maximise the chances of your web page getting clicked in search results:

Ubersuggest keyword ideas - site review

The great thing about Ubersuggest, is that they also give you a list of content ideas.  These are articles that others have written around the keyword (or keyphrase).  They give inspiration for articles that you could also write:

Ubersuggest content ideas site review

Amongst Neil Patel’s other free SEO tools, the one that stands out is the SEO Analyser.  This gives you a free SEO audit on your site.  Many other SEO’s charge for this service.

SEO Analyser - site review

This free audit is going to give you an SEO analysis, a check for SEO errors, a speed check and a full audit report.  The audit report gives you actionable steps that you can take to improve your SEO.

Neil Patel has Free Courses!

Why not learn from the best based on Neil’s experience with his free courses.

There is training on SEO, Ecommerce, content marketing and all forms of social media.  They’re just a click away and can be found on this page.  You don’t even need to sign up for a login.

Neil Patel - Free courses - review

His courses have a structured week-by-week approach, so you can use this to build your learning as you have time.

In the SEO course, he guides you to work on the SEO of your site in a slow, organic way.  We like this.  Building traffic to a website takes time and there are no shortcuts.

SEO unlocked course review

Powerful Articles in the Neil Patel Blog

One thing is certain.  Neil Patel knows how to blog.

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to write and present articles on your own website, Neil Patel’s blog is the perfect inspiration.

Neil and his team write one article per week and also update older articles constantly.  His writing style is down to earth, engaging and entertaining.  There’s no fluff here, just good useful knowledge sharing.

The content is largely based on his own empirical research and testing.  This is always the hallmark of the best articles on the web.

Of all his blog posts, the one that’s resonated the most with me is his guide to affiliate marketing.  At the time of writing, this post has the number one position in Google search results for “affiliate marketing”, a highly competitive keyphrase.

Affiliate Marketing made Simple - A Step by Step Guide - review

If you’re interested in an ultimate guide on affiliate marketing, based on real world experience, I highly recommend this article.


Listen to the Podcast – Marketing School with Neil Patel and Eric Siu

What I like about the marketing school podcast is that the episodes are short and punchy.  The information is there and ready to be absorbed while you’re commuting or going for a walk.

Marketing school podcast review

I really enjoyed the recent episode on 7 quick tips for SEO in 2021.  We certainly found some nuggets of information that can easily be implemented.  Here’s a quick breakdown of that episode #1629:

Marketing School podcast ep 1629 synopsis review

Have Neil Patel do your Online Marketing for you

Neil Patel offers a wide range of consulting services to boost your online presence.  This is a worldwide service which can help organisations large and small to grow their business.


neil Patel consulting - site review


Neil Patel gives away so much free and useful information on his website. 

From his SEO tool Ubersuggest to his free courses, blog and podcast, there’s a wealth of knowledge that he shares.

I’d definitely recommend Neilpatel as a useful resource wherever you are on your journey.

Frequently asked questions – Neil Patel 

Is Ubersuggest free?

Yes you can do three free keyword searches per day on Ubersuggest. There are also paid options which give you unlimited searches and a greater depth of information and analysis.

Are Neil Patel‘s courses valuable if they are free?

Yes absolutely, they are detailed and extensive.  Neil Patel has a doctrine of providing free and accessible courses to help his audience.

Is the NeilPatel blog more suitable for beginner or advanced users? 

It’s suitable for the whole range of knowledge. There’s everything here from how to write a blog post to advanced SEO and online marketing.

What are the best free SEO keyword tools?

UbersuggestGoogle keyword planner tool and Answer the Public all offer excellent free SEO keyword services. The only requirement is that you need an active Google ads account to use the planner tool.

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