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Updated on July 9th, 2022

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What to blog about? Perhaps you’ve realised the benefits of having a blog and you’re ready to get started.  So what now?  A blank computer screen can be daunting for all of us.  If you’re stumped for ideas, we’re here to help.  In a nutshell:

Blog about things that you’re really passionate about.  By doing this your Interest and curiosity will push you to keep creating even on those days when you don’t feel like it.  You’ll have a lot more content ideas to write about and your deep interest will keep you going over time.  For further ideas and examples, keep reading.

In this article, we’ll share with you our best sources of inspiration for blog ideas.  We hope that they will inspire you to start writing your first blog post today.


Your passions are pointing you to what to blog about

This may seem obvious but it’s often overlooked.  Consider what you dream about or daydream while you are sitting in your office. There are passions here which are ripe for the plucking. 
Write all your passions down, no matter if they seem silly to you.  The internet has an almost unfathomably huge reach.  So, no matter how micro-niche you might think your passion is, there are plenty of like-minded people who would love your content.  These readers are literally waiting for you to share your views and ideas!
BreakingEighty  is an example of a very successful blog sourced from a passion.  Sean Ogle started it due to his love of golf and it’s changed his life.  Now he spends much of his time visiting the golf courses of the world for his blog.
Breaking 80 - Inspiring Ideas

Blog about Travel

Most people like to travel, and if you like to travel,  you generally want to read reviews about travel experience, overseas cities and other cultures.  One of my favourite blogs is by Johnny FD.  His blog covers his worldwide travel living nomadically as a location independent entrepreneur.  It’s worth checking out.

Blog post example

It might not even be international travel, but just local attractions that you can blog about.  Information on local hikes and bushwalking is really valuable to a lot of people.  Sites like culturetrip provide local hiking information plus a whole range of travel reviews for various cities around the world.

Culture Trip

Travel blogs lend themselves well to good photography.  If you can take your own photos on your travels and skilfully blend them into your narrative, that’s a fantastic asset to your blog.  Also try to include maps and Youtube videos if you can.

Financial Information and Review Sites

Everyone is looking to save money and get the best deal on financial services.  If you’ve got financial knowledge,  blogging about life hacks or ways to make your paycheque stretch further are particularly invaluable.

These blogs are particularly good and will provide some inspiration:

  • Mr Money Mustache – money saving hacks.  Peter Adeney shows how he was able to retire at the age of 30 from his job as a software engineer.  He shows how you can do the same.
Mr Money Mustache - Blog Definition and example blogs doing it well
  • Nerdwallet – A long running site and a terrific resource when you are sourcing the best deal on a credit card,  bank account or investment product.
Nerd Wallet - Inspiring Ideas
  • MoneySavingExpert – British consumer finance journalist Martin Lewis founded this website in 2003 and it continues to provide relevant useful financial product information.
Money Saving Expert - Inspiring ideas

Food, Cafe and Style Blogs

Restaurant and cafe blogs are a big thing.  Everyone is interested in health and wellbeing.  Literally everyone has to eat, and food related content will always do well.

Restaurant and food blogs do well when they include high Quality  and well-curated photography.

Consider the hugely successful eater blog which also has a massive Youtube channel.  By cross-promoting their Blog versus their Youtube channel, they can grow subscribers from both platforms.  
Eater - Inspiring ideas

FirstWeFeast is another example of a food blog that combines Youtube and written content into a hugely popular magazine style blog.  Hollywood starts such as Kirsten Stewart and Seth Rogan review popular foods like burgers and hot wings.

First We Feast - Great Blog examples

What do you want to learn is what to blog about!

To write a blog, you don’t need to be a total expert in your subject by any means.  In fact, you just need to know more than others about the knowledge that you’ll share.   

You can actually learn about your interest while writing a blog about it.  This means that writing a blog can be one of the best ways to learn as you write.  It pushes you to investigate your niche with greater depth as you need to write about it in your own words.  You need to understand your subject before you can write about it.

Pat Flynn started his first blog GreenExamAcademy while he was studying for the LEED architecture exam.  Hand-written notes just weren’t doing it for him, so in 2007 he started his first blog.  He started the site to replace note-taking and to keep himself accountable while he was studying for the exam.  

Green Exam Academy - Great blog examples

Many years later, it’s still running, helping people to pass the LEED exam and it’s also become very profitable. 

What do you know?

Think about your skills and qualifications.  It’s highly likely that you have unique skills that you can share with your audience.  Perhaps you’ve created your own unique way of doing things.  It’s your duty to share it with the world!
Even if you don’t think you’re skilled in anything, there is sure to be something.  It could even be a topic that you’d consider to be micro-niche.  The reach of the internet has mean’t that this could still be a huge worldwide audience.
That may be something as simple as how you organise things.  Marie Kondo (Konmari.com) made a hugely successful career in books and TV showing people how to clear clutter and organise their lives.
Kon Mari - Inspiring ideas

What’s not out there? – Someone has an itch to be scratched

So many times I’ve searched for an article or tutorial on how to do something, but nothing is to be found.  Or I find disparate information that needs to be cobbled together from different sources.  It means that there are huge opportunities for serving others with useful, curated, time-saving guides and reviews.
It might be something like a one-stop shop on how to find and optimise images for your blog post.  Try to package information together that you would use yourself or would find helpful.  This is often the best guide for what to blog about.

In summary – what to blog about

Follow your passions and write about what you’re learning about.  While you’re learning, it’s likely that you’ll find new interests.  Keep the snowball rolling with your writing and it will gather momentum with new passions as you go.  
Focus on skills and experience that you already have and use this experience to fill information gaps that are waiting to be filled.
We’ve written a guide to help you with the process of starting your website step-by-step.  The guide is at this link.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I choose a topic related to my job or my hobby to blog about?

It may be either as long as it’s your passion.  No matter what you blog about, It’s important that you enjoy writing on the topic.   Blogging is a long term game. Your interest and enjoyment is the thing that’ll keep you going over long periods of time.

Should my blog be very focused or cover a wide range of topics?

Generally it’s better to be in a narrow niche but don’t make it too narrow. By broadening the scope of your website you’ll have much more to write about.  You won’t feel as constrained as if you write in a narrow topic.

Should I blog on my own website or or Medium?

It’s generally best to blog on your own website. This should preferably be your own self hosted site not a blogging platform.  You can then syndicate your articles to sites like Medium as long as you mark it as a canonical link on those sites.

Is it worth setting up a blog in a crowded niche?

Yes it’s absolutely still worth it. If a niche is crowded it also means that there is a lot of potential traffic. Accordingly with so many potential viewers there’s always room for another point of view. Also blogs are either on the rise or the decline so there’s always room being made for new blogs.

Is blogging still worth it?

Blogging sure isn’t going anywhere soon.  Google is still the biggest search engine and it’s where people first look for information.

A blog also becomes the focal point of all of your other social platforms, Youtube and your total online presence. It’s an asset that you own which can’t be taken away so you need to build it for the long term.

Should I use questions that I ask in Google as blog topics?

Yes, these are often the best blog topics.  Why so?  Because they are unique to you.  Another thing is that they may be a new trending topic that no other blogger has yet explored.  

One of the best way to find keyphrases to blog about is to use Google Autocomplete.  Start typing a search query in Google and see which related searches start showing up.  This is a definite sign that this is a Google search keyphrase.

By writing on your own questions, you will also be pushed to research the topic at the same time that you write it.  This is an amazing learning experience as you’ll need to fully understand it to write about it.

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